DND Mortgages

As valued members of our Canadian Forces with special mortgage needs, we work with you to create a mortgage specific to your needs.  Here are some key features:

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Mortgages That Can Offer the Following:

  • Open for a pay out at any time subject to conditions of relocation, with a 3 month interest penalty. No IRD (Interest Rate Differential)
  • 25/25 prepayment privileges
  • Doubling up of your payments
  • Interest only payment option
  • Fixed rate terms of 1-10 years
  • Cash Back to pay off debts
  • Plus much more

Our goal is to work in tandem with the men and women of our armed forces, giving them the tools and knowledge to help them understand the mortgage process and helping them achieve financial success.

To find out more about DND Mortgages please contact Keith at 250-590-6520.

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