Rentals and Second Home Mortgages

You were the perfect person for the job and your guidance through the mortgage process was especially helpful as you took the time to explain our options and guide us toward smart financial decisions. – T & R Demmings

Auxilium Mortgage -  Rentals and Second HomesMany homeowners dream of also being landlords. Some might have an existing suite in their home, but want to branch out into owning a second property, or even multiple properties.

There are lots of reasons why homeowners desire to become landlords, but the primary one is to build additional assets while creating a positive cash flow into their retirement years.

These days, however, this dream comes with its fair share of challenges, especially obtaining a rental property mortgage through the financing and lending process.  At Auxilium, we understand that with our ever tightening mortgage rules, turning the dream into reality is not as easy as it once was, and that’s why we work with you every step of the way.  From our initial consultation to help you evaluate if being a landlord is right for you, to securing the rental property mortgage financing, we are here to support your dream of financial freedom.

We know where you’re coming from, as some of our team are landlords themselves and have experienced firsthand the joys and tribulations of being landlords. We are more than willing to impart our experience and wisdom onto you. The video below shares some of the common mistakes investors/landlords make:

So if you’ve always imagined owning a second or third or maybe even a fourth property, contact one of our Mortgage Professionals today and let’s see if we can turn that dream into a reality!

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