Self-Employed Mortgages

If you’re self-employed, getting a mortgage is becoming more and more challenging all of the time. Only just a few years ago, you were able to get a mortgage with zero down even if you were self-employed. Boy how times have changed.

Today lenders are more and more stringent with the self-employed, with lenders requiring more and more down towards the purchase of a house. No two lenders look at the self-employed the same way anymore.  That’s why we have a host of lenders to choose from, this enables us to marry your specific mortgage needs with a lender who can fulfill them.

We have lenders that have differing criteria on everything from credit scores, to down payment requirements, to income verification, and everything in between. Once our mortgage professionals assess your specific situation, they will get to work finding a solution.  So if you’re ready to take the next step in the process, contact one of our professionals today and get the ball rolling!

What Do I Qualify For?